Our packaging

Hand-painted glass bauble is beautiful, unique and fragile. But do not worry: ordering glass Christmas tree baubles in our store, you do not have to worry about the safety of the shipment. We make every effort to properly protect our Christmas baubles from shocks or bumps that may occur during transport.

All our Christmas baubles are packed in individual ExArte cardboard boxes. Our packaging is distinguished by an elegant design: packed like this handmade bauble will be a perfect gift.


We carefully wrap each Christmas tree bauble  in graphite tissue paper. For additional protection during transport, before closing the box we wrap bauble with a protective layer of bubble wrap. With each order we include a brochure certifying the handmade production of our ornaments.


When preparing a shipment, we place boxes of baubles in a hard cardboard box. Such careful protection of glass baubles  ensures that they reach the hands of our customers whole and intact.

If you have any questions concerning delivery and transport of our products, please use the contact form.