About ExArte

ExArteActually Christmas ornaments were always my passion...... Ever since I remember, glass Christmas decorations - because of work of my closest relatives, and then for several years also because of my own work- were my everyday life, all-year-round. Ornaments, which can be called small works of art: entirely made by hand with painstaking, elaborated decoration. I have seen the creation of new designs and collections, learned about customer tastes from around the world, stages of development and production of the same baubles, changes in trends, changes in decorative materials.... And so this family home collections, enlarged each season by new pieces. It's hard to not fall in love! I have always felt sorry that the ornaments, in creation of which you have to put so much effort and associated with the work of so many people are likely to exist in our interiors only for a short period of holidays. And above all, that most of these beautiful ornaments will never come into the Polish homes - were made only for international order!

So it was only a matter of time that from this passion and delight arose ExArte. First -search most beautiful models: glass balls with their own history, with their own unique character, which emphasizes the given name. Then - create a collection and filling it with own projects. Creating composition for the current year and looking for inspiration in the global trends for the next holidays.

I want to pass on to you all my great fascination for these fragile treasures. Familiarizing you with the idea of creating your own commemorative collection and its enlargement each subsequent year with new small masterpieces. Or at least encourage to one-time purchases of really beautiful ornaments, elaborated and unique.

Let us enjoy their fleeting beauty during Christmas period. May return to them next winter gives us joy and evokes beautiful poignant memories. This moment, when we open the boxes with our precious decorations ...

I cannot wait!

Weronika Bogumił